Two Simple Safety Steps to Take Before a Boat Ride

For more than four years Andrew Rockett has served as managing partner at Rockett Real Estate Investments, LLC, in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Outside of his professional life, Andrew Rockett enjoys spending time on the golf course and boating on the open waters.

Time on a boat can be spent in a variety of ways, from participating in a fast-paced amateur or professional race to taking a relaxing vacation on an ocean or lake. Others use boats as a professional tool or means of exploration. Regardless, captains and passengers alike must practice safe boating behavior if they want to avoid serious injury or significant damage to the boat. Wearing a personal flotation device is the most basic precaution an individual can take when engaging in any water-related activity. Unfortunately, the majority of drowning fatalities that occur every year happen when the victim is not wearing a life preserver. Lifejackets come in all shapes and sizes in order to provide optimal comfort and should be worn at all times on a boat.

Preparing for–or better yet, avoiding–inclement weather is another safety measure every person should take before setting sail. Not only should local weather reports be consulted prior to departure, but individuals on the boat should be sure to heed potential warning signs such as darkening clouds or growing winds.


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